Lives and Works in Tampa, FL

          I am an animator and artist who has a passion for storytelling. Most of my life, I dreamed about being a librarian because I wanted to take care of books. It took until my sophomore year of college and only one art class to realize that I had wanted to take care of the stories. Moreover, I wanted to tell them. And I wanted to do it through art. 

          There is no right way to become an artist, no map that takes you straight to success. I graduated from Florida College with my AA before moving back home to continue my education at UAB. From there, I took a number of classes in art studio with a focus in animation. It took almost two years for me to realize that the joy I felt from art came from the freedom of it. So, I decided to focus on my personal study. 

          The decision hasn't been easy and sometimes I sometimes wish I had the comfort of saying “I have an art degree” to help me feel successful. So I did the research to become the kind of artist I wanted to be. Hours spent on the computer with only a stylus in hand and an idea in my mind has helped me find that sense of success. The magic of animation- making something on a screen appear as if it was living and breathing still inspires me to do more and learn more. As I mentioned before, there is no right way to become an artist, and my greatest teacher has been the mistakes I’ve made. 

          I have dabbled in all forms of art, from performance art and clay to Photoshop and Flare. It is my ultimate goal now to work in Virtual and Augmented realities. There are so many possibilities in this fast growing world and I want to be a part of it. I truly believe that this medium will change the way stories are told forever. 

Jessica davis


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