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Artist Statement

All forms of “making” are intrinsically bound together and rooted in human curiosity.


This eternal ingenuity serves as a constant in our history. Every aspect of our lives is shaped by technologies molded from hundreds of inventions, and yet we are always at risk of forgetting those building blocks.

There are thousands of people who today scour old manuscripts to understand the art of Western swordplay. Furniture sets in museums today that were formed hundreds of years ago and have stood the test of time show a mastery of woodworking that deserves study. Yet the basics of that furniture set are echoed in common household furniture. The principles in swordplay manuscripts can be assisted with simulated A.I. battles to help explain what the writer took for granted.


I want to learn techniques like these and find ways to incorporate them into the virtual space. Doing research and understanding the methodology is key in creating 3D models and digital worlds with realistic weight: a world that is not only visually appealing but physically accurate in its technology. To that end, I believe I am a scholar first. There are always more forms of “making” to experiment with and understand.


I want to show others the amazing ways creators of old have influenced the most mundane of objects in use today. I am in awe when I see the countless hands that have shaped the world and would wish others to see it too.